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Dosimetry at SCK•CEN

For over 50 years, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre has been providing dosimetric services to many companies, hospitals and dentists through the supply and reading of thermoluminescent dosemeters (TLDs). This type of dosemeters can be used for personal dosimetry (including the use in combination with a lead apron), finger dosimetry, wrist dosimetry, eye lens dosimetry and environmental dosimetry.

For staff working in installations involving a risk of criticality accidents, we provide criticality dosemeters. You can also contact us with respect to advice on neutron dosemeters. We assist you in your search for the most suitable solution for your personal or your staff’s dosimetric monitoring.

Quality assured

The laboratory for dosimetry developed a Quality Assurance or QA programme according to ISO/IEC 17025 and accredited by BELAC, the Belgian accreditation organisation. Since 2010, the SCK•CEN dosimetry laboratory is also the first legally recognised dosimetry service provider in Belgium approved by the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC). More information about the policy and regulations with regard to dosimetry are available on the FANC website. This website will also inform you of the legal dose limits

In addition to the provision of services, scientific research is also a key focus of the laboratory for dosimetry. Our research group has been involved in national and international research projects in the area of dosimetry for many years. In this way, we contribute to the research on state-of-the art technologies, and are able to guarantee you the best service in this field.

How does a dosemeter work?

The so-called TLD contains thermoluminescent detectors. These minute crystals store some of the energy of the incoming ionising radiation. In order to determine the accumulated dose, the dosemeter is ‘read’ by means of a dedicated device. During this process, the previously stored energy is converted into visible light by heating; the amount of light is a measure for the accumulated radiation dose.