Supply of dosemeters

Our customers receive their dosemeters by post or by courier, before the beginning of each month. Employees can then wear these dosemeters during their activities with ionising radiation from the beginning of the month. At the end of each month, you will receive new dosemeters with a different colour. The employees then switch their dosemeter, and you return the 'old' dosemeters to SCK•CEN for analysis.

Measurements available online

As soon as the measurement results have been calculated and validated, within two weeks after they have been received, our customers receive an e-mail. The results are then available online through our website. A detailed report with the measured doses will be available for each dosemeter. The history of individual dosemeters remains available online through your personal login to enable you to monitor the exposure doses.

With the online tool, you can also enter changes yourself at any time, such as, for example, entering new employees who require a dosemeter or removing employees who leave the company and require no further monitoring. We respect of course a strict privacy policy with regard to your results by means of a personal login.

Reporting to the FANC

Since 2014, it is up to the customer to report the exposure doses to the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC). At the moment, a temporary provision applies: an electronic dose file in XML format must be transmitted to the FANC annually. In addition, two 'traditional' exposure tables must be printed and archived, after they have been signed by the head of the company and the occupational medical department or physical control. These exposure tables are available through our website.